TDR single stage reed set for Mercury 7 petal cages. The options are as follows: With Relief Cuts: The relief cuts at the base of the reed petal allow the reed to open with less tension and gives a slight low-end power & lower RPM acceleration increase. This reed is recomended for heavy boats or recreational boats that tow skiers.________ Without Relief Cuts: The reeds have a straight slot. This increases the lifting tension of the reed petal resulting in a mid to top-end power increase. The reed slots or cuts are .033" wide to allow for a larger sealing area as well as the width & length of the petal is wider and longer to give an increased sealing area. We custom design our own material composition and have it made to our proprietary specifications. In doing this we have a long reed life. -- The standard thickness is .022" thick. This thickness is the best for overall performance and long reed life. Other thicknesses & petal variations are also available on special request. 
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TDR Reed set for Mercury 7 Petal Cages #101

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